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When it’s time to sell your land for development, who you going call?

If you have a tract of land zoned for development, we at West Virginia Land Brokers will help you maximize your investment.  For over a quarter of a century we’ve been selling land to developers, homebuilders, retailers, and end users.   We know that development transactions can get complicated quickly and when they do you need an expert representing your interests to assist in navigating the process.

Whether you are selling fifty acres to be transformed into a community of townhomes, a hundred acres to be developed into a large distribution center, a two thousand acres to be developed into a master planned community, the experts at Virginia Land Brokers know how to price your land, market your land to the development community -many times without every installing a FOR SALE sign – and negotiating a contract that maximized your return, while minimizing your risk.

Since earning his license in Stephen Ferrandi and his team have sold nearly a billion dollars’ worth of land, much of it for development.  In fact, in several markets where we work, no one sells more land for development than we do.

Did you know that farmers buy land based on its productivity and acreage and for those negotiating to buy productive agricultural land that is pretty straightforward way of selling a fifty acre tract of agricultural land.  If you sold that same tract of land for development simply based on acreage, you’d be leaving millions of dollars on the table.  Land sold for development should NEVER be sold by the acre.  Developmental land is sold by the density unit, FAR, or linear foot and the value is determined by the underlying zoning. Years ago, land investors coined the phrase, buy it by the acre, sell it by the foot.